Miranda has offices in Díli, Timor-Leste, offering a full-service Timorese law practice. Whilst Miranda´s presence in the country is recent, our attorneys have provided advice for this jurisdiction since well before the opening of our offices, having built a sound reputation for the Firm.

Miranda´s practice in Timor-Leste was driven by various factors, two of which deserve specific reference as they are inbuilt in the Firm´s DNA. Timor-Leste is a Portuguese-speaking country with recognised potential in the oil and gas sector.

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with exceptional legal services and representation on a cost-effective and responsible basis, while abiding by the highest ethical standards of our profession and offering innovative solutions and outlooks to our clients´ needs. Local knowledge allows us to assist and advise the clients engaging in activities in Timor-Leste in the soundest of manners. Highest expertise and round-the-clock response are assured by the Miranda Alliance network of offices, providing our Díli office with the support required for boasting worldwide quality standards.

Miranda´s Timor-Leste office has already been sought by foreign investors and international organisations, as well as public entities, to assist them in a broad range of issues, not only in the oil and gas sector, but also, for example, in corporate, tax, banking, labour and real estate matters.


Miranda´s main areas of practice in Timor-Leste include:

- Oil & Gas
- Corporate Law
- Contract and Commercial
- Tax - Real Estate
- Banking & Insurance
- Project Finance
- Intellectual Property
- Project Finance
- Employment Law
- Environmental Law
- Administrative Law
- Litigation and Arbitration
- Foreign Investment

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