France (Paris)

In 2014 Cabinet Sophie da Cunha in Paris joined Miranda Alliance to provide assistance to the network’s French and Francophone clients and to assist new and prospective investors in planning their operations in the jurisdictions it covers.

Cabinet Sophie da Cunha focuses on facilitating the flow of international investment into Francophone and Portuguese-speaking Africa and Asia.

Miranda Alliance is the only Portuguese language-led network with a presence in Paris. Located in the heart of the city, on the Champs-Élysées, the office is perfectly situated to assist French investors in understanding and complying with the requirements and specificities of doing business in the Miranda Alliance countries. The office also helps clients to gather and prepare the necessary documents to set up a presence in their country of choice, in addition to acting as a first line of support when problems arise.

Cabinet Sophie da Cunha is led by Sophie de Cunha who has over a decade’s experience advising clients on international, including Francophone African, investment, energy and arbitration matters. This international experience has provided her with a deep familiarity with the legal framework and operational environment of the Miranda Alliance jurisdictions. Prior to establishing her firm Sophie practised in the Paris office of a leading global law firm and prior to this a leading French firm.

The Paris office supports the Miranda Alliance clients in the following main areas:

- Oil & Gas
- Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
- Banking & Finance
- Construction and infrastructure
- Mining & Natural Resources
- PPP & Project Finance
- Real Estate
- Shipping
- Tax

France (Paris)
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France (Paris)

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