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Miranda has operated a liaison office in Houston since 2005 to provide assistance to the Miranda Alliance’s US and Canada-based clients. The office does not practice US law but instead focuses on facilitating the flow of international investment into the sub-Saharan Portuguese and French-speaking African and Emerging Markets.


The Miranda Alliance remains the only leading Portuguese language-led network with a presence in the US. Our Houston office assists investors in understanding and complying with the requirements and specificities of doing business in the Miranda Alliance countries. It also helps clients to gather and prepare the necessary documents to set up a presence in their country of choice, and further acts as a first line of support.


North American clients have overwhelmingly expressed their support for the service and proximity offered by the Houston office. Our ability to work in a comparable time zone with regional clients has proved instrumental in improving response times and allows for more direct face-to-face advice where appropriate.


A Houston presence particularly enables us to more closely connect with oil and gas and energy clients across the US and especially those with a presence within Texas and across the Gulf of Mexico. The office also functions as a communications hub, connecting US and Canada-based clients with the right people across the Atlantic, in Europe and Africa, reducing or even eliminating idle time.


Luís Miranda is the current Head of the Houston office. Luís joined Miranda five years ago and has significant experience assisting clients in the jurisdictions covered by the Miranda Alliance, having lived for long periods in some of them. He obtained his law degree and Master’s degree in International Comparative Law from a French University and completed his LL.M. in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Houston.  He is fluent in English, French and Portuguese. Please feel free to contact him at [email protected]  or connect with him on www.linkedin.com/in/luís-miranda-859446102 in order to know more about how he can assist with your legal needs.


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