Gabon | 2020.03.24
COVID-19: Measures Announced

The Gabonese Government has announced additional measures against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) within its territory: 

  • Public health authorities are entitled to order the confinement at home or in a health center of persons coming from countries where the epidemic has been officially declared, persons who tested positive for COVID-19, or persons who were in contact with others who have tested positive. Refusal to comply with these orders is punishable as a criminal offense. 
  • All land, air and maritime borders have been closed. All national and international flights, and trips by train and vessel, have been cancelled, except for freighters and for exceptional circumstances such as medical evacuations. 
  • The number of persons in means of public transportation is now regulated, and the movement of persons has been restricted to essential displacements. Also, the President has imposed a curfew between 07:30 PM and 6:00 AM, which will be in place until further notice. 
  • Companies have been asked to focus on essential services and to implement measures limiting contacts between workers (remote work, rotational shifts, part-time working hours). 

A special hotline (1410) has been set up to alert the health authorities to suspected cases.

Should you wish to receive additional information on this alert, please contact:

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