Timor-Leste | 2020.03.30
Effects of the Declaration of the State of Emergency in Timor-Leste

During the last 3 days, the National Parliament has passed a set of legislation approving the declaration of a nation-wide State of Emergency and the restriction measures that shall apply during the same. Among other statutes, the Parliament approved (i) Presidential Decree No. 29/2020, of 27 March 2020, declaring the State of Emergency for 30 days (from 28 March to 26 April), in order to prevent COVID-19 from further spreading among the population; and (ii) Government Decree No. 3/2020, of 28 March 2020, which enacts the Execution Rules applicable during the State of Emergency. Due to their practical implications, we would like to point out the following restrictive measures:

1  - The ban from entering the national territory for all foreigners, with some exceptions;
2  - A mandatory quarantine at a medical facility or at home is imposed to (a) any person entering the country; (b) all positive cases of Covid-19; and (c) any person under surveillance of the health authorities. Quarantines shall have a duration of 14 days or until the issuance of the relevant medical clearance;
3  - People circulating on public spaces must (a) keep a distance of, at least, one meter among each other, and (b) walk alone – although authorities are limiting circulation to only two people;
4  - Gatherings of more than five people, religious ceremonies and sports, social and cultural events, as well as funerals with a presence of more than ten people, are banned;
5  - All public transportation services are suspended;
6  - People intending to enter any facility open to the public must wear a mask, wash their hands prior to entering and keep a safety-distance of no less than one meter among each other;
7  - The Public Administration is reducing its activity to minimal services. Although the public entities are still deciding which type of services shall be maintained, at this moment they are working under the following conditions:

  • The Social Security offices and Migration Services are closed to the public, and can be reached over phone or by e-mail;
  • Courts’ activity will be reduced to minimal services, and only procedural acts and diligences pertaining to fundamental rights are accepted; 
  • SERVE (commercial registry office) has suspended all its services, and is currently closed; and
  • All presential education services are suspended.

8  - All licenses, authorizations (including visa and residence permits) and administrative acts will continue to be valid regardless of their expiration date.

These statues are pending publication in the official gazette. Depending on the spread of the infection and on the necessity of further restrictions, the authorities may issue additional measures the coming days. Any information on this regard will be released in due time.

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