Angola | 2018.04.03

By means of Presidential Decree No. 86/18, of 2 April 2018, new rules and procedures applicable to public tenders were recently enacted for: (i) the selection of Sonangol EP associates; and (ii) the procurement of goods and services for petroleum operations. The new statute revokes Decree No. 48/06, of 1 September 2006, and entered into force on 2 April 2018.


The hiring procedure regarding the procurement of goods and services for petroleum operations still varies, depending on the value of the contract to be awarded, but the relevant contractual thresholds have now been significantly increased. Oil operators will now only be required to launch public tenders for contracts of over USD 1,000,000 (or the equivalent amount in Kwanzas). Also, as a rule, only the awarding of contracts of over USD 5,000,000 (or the Kwanza equivalent) will still be subject to authorization from the National Concessionaire (Sonangol EP).


Should you wish to receive further information on the new rules, a copy of the new statute or the relevant English translation, please contact:

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